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In the Beginning

My family homesteaded on Yellowstone River across the meadows from Chico Hot Springs.

For generations, we've made many memorable trips to Yellowstone Park, and we still do. My first trip I was 3 months old camping in a dresser drawer, and many years had the bears crawling on our cars welcoming us. To this day, I am still having bear visits. I was an avid horsewoman training my own for endurance trail rides, rodeo, and games, loved playing team basketball/baseball.

The Growing Years

At 18, I started a happy special events entertainment company that did business worldwide, fixed up homes in different states and countries, restored our family log homestead cabins for guests to share the beauty, restored old cars & trucks, got into race cars, traveling all over the world for 20 years. You could say I love horsepower of all types.

At age 33, I bought one of the family's homestead ranches from my beloved grandpa & grandma, spent 5 yrs restoring its natural wonder including 20,000 bees buzzing in the wall, a 2 seater outhouse with big picture window, a monarch wood cook stove, & packing water.

I am so happy re-creating, making my surroundings comfy/cozy, with such interesting and original detail. I am an old timer at heart just starting to really appreciate all the extra comforts.

Where We're Going

Now in my 50's, I now have 3 teenage children whom I like "sharing in the spirit of adventures" with horses competing all over Montana in the rodeo world, playing basketball. We hand raised many Buffalo to build a big herd, and what treasured stories they have given us. We share the beauty with guests on the McDonald Ranch with big log lodge, 3 authentic restored log cabins, and now our new place...